Elder Law Attorneys Helping Seniors Plan Their Estates

As we get older, our estate-planning needs change. As a result, the estate plan you created for yourself when you were younger may no longer meet your needs today. At Hoover Andrews, PLLC, in Barboursville, our lawyers guide seniors through the process of reviewing and updating their estate plans as they get older. We also assist families with issues such as long-term care planning and nursing home admission.

Here are some areas of your estate plan that may need to be updated:

  • Are your beneficiary designations and assets up to date?
  • If you have gotten divorced and remarried, are your children's interests protected? Are you leaving assets to your ex?
  • Are you giving assets to a person who is now or may need to be admitted to a nursing home? If so, they may be ineligible for Medicaid until they spend those assets.
  • Do you have a disabled family member? If so, they may benefit from a special needs trust.
  • Have you taken steps to minimize taxation for yourself and your beneficiaries?
  • Does your estate plan protect the assets you provide beneficiaries from issues like bankruptcy and divorce?
  • Have you planned for who will make decisions for you if you are incapacitated and unable to communicate?
  • Would you want feeding tubes or other forms of artificial life support if you are in an end-of-life condition with no hope of recovery?

For More Information About Elder Law

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