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Tractor-trailers are some of the largest vehicles on the road. When these vehicles travel at highway speed, they have a very small margin of error. If truck drivers drive at excessive speed, drive without proper rest or act negligently in some way, serious accidents can result. Due to the differences in size between semi trucks and every other vehicle on the road, these accidents can lead to serious injury or wrongful death.

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An Experienced West Virginia Tractor-Trailer Attorney Helping Victims Recover From Their Injuries

From a legal perspective, truck accidents are far more complex than auto accidents. In a truck accident, there can be many more responsible parties. The owner of the truck trailer may be different from the owner of the cab. The company that loaded the truck may be responsible for an accident if they improperly packed the truck. If defective truck parts caused the accident, the truck manufacturer is responsible. An experienced attorney can be invaluable to get to the bottom of what happened in your accident.

Whether you have been injured by a semi truck, a commercial vehicle or were injured in a coal truck accident, we know how to fight to obtain compensation for you.

Understanding All Sides of Injury Cases

Commercial trucking companies are required by federal law to maintain a minimum of $750,000 in liability insurance. With this much at stake, you will need a lawyer with real experience handling personal injury claims, trucking companies and their insurance companies. At Hoover Law, PLLC, our attorneys have represented insurance companies, and continue to do so. We have a well-rounded perspective on injury claims from all sides. These insights work to the benefit of our clients in every case.

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