Helping You Plan Your Estate In West Virginia

No matter what the size or nature of what you will leave behind to loved ones when you are gone, you need a plan in place to ensure that it is distributed according to your wishes. Without a comprehensive estate plan of a will, trusts and directives, you risk losing significant portions of your assets and having little to no control over how the remaining property is distributed.

At Hoover Law, PLLC in Barboursville, our lawyers guide families and individuals through the process of preparing for whatever the future may bring by building customized and comprehensive estate plans. We invest the time on the front end of the process to listen to the specific needs and wishes of each client.


Foundational to any estate plan, the will provides basic direction for how assets will be distributed, as well as other specific final wishes. This can include guardianship of dependents and children, as well as wishes for remains and other final services.

Powers Of Attorney

Powers of attorney are drafted to designate specific individuals to make critical decisions should the grantor become incapacitated. Most commonly durable powers of attorney are designed for control of finances, property and the estate, as well as for making medical decisions.

Estate Administration

We provide estate administration services to families and remaining loved ones, overseeing the distribution of assets and the estate.

Probate Litigation

Should problems and disputes arise following the reading of the will or during the administration of the estate, we are equipped to represent the interests of loved ones in court. Our attorneys are prepared to litigate these matters.

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