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All-terrain vehicle (ATV) accidents can severely impact your life and the lives of your loved ones. Whether you were riding for recreational purposes or while on the job, the lawyers at Hoover Law, PLLC understand what needs to be done in order to get you the compensation you deserve for the damages you have incurred.

If you have questions regarding an ATV accident and how to obtain compensation for medical bills, lost wages, property damage and other losses, call 888-389-5924 for a free consultation.

An ATV Injury Lawyer Helping Victims Throughout West Virginia

Our attorneys understand how difficult it can be to recover from an ATV accident. We recently won a case for an uncle and nephew who were riding an ATV when the left wheel malfunctioned. The ATV went out of control and both were severely injured. We were able to help them receive the compensation they needed to pay for medical bills and other damages the two incurred.

West Virginia has an enormous population of ATV drivers. Each year, thousands of drivers come to the area to ride the famous Hatfield and McCoy from August to May. If you have suffered an injury because another driver hit you or you have been in an ATV rollover accident, our experienced and skilled Huntington area lawyers will help.

Protecting You When Defective Products Lead to ATV Injuries

Unfortunately, manufacturers sometimes care more about getting their product out the door than they care about quality control. This negligent behavior can lead to faulty parts being installed on your ATV. If you have been injured because of faulty brakes or because your ATV rolled over, you may have a product liability claim. We will discuss your accident with you and investigate the matter to uncover all parties that may be liable.

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