Notable Cases: Verdicts and Settlements

All the resources of our legal training and trial experience are channeled into the trusted counsel and aggressive action we provide on your behalf. We are committed to realizing the maximum benefit for our clients, as quickly as possible. For examples of Hoover Law, PLLC's significant experience, please review just a few of our notable cases.


Verdict in excess of $10 Million Medical Malpractice Case in Boyd County Kentucky. In April, 2008 Hoover Law, PLLC client presented to local hospital for an out-patient gall bladder removal surgery. Immediately after the completion of the surgery the client's oxygen saturation levels were noted to be low. The client's surgeon requested an immediate chest x-ray. The chest x-ray was inconclusive and a emergency CT Scan was ordered to rule out a possible thoracic aortic rupture. The radiologist reviewed the chest CT Scan and reported no thoracic aortic rupture or any other abnormal findings. In February, 2009 Hoover Law, PLLC client awoke to severe mid back pain. En route to the hospital the Hoover Law, PLLC client lost all feeling in his legs and midsection. At the hospital an MRI was performed on the Hoover Law, PLLC client which revealed a burst fracture of client's T-10 vertebrae causing his spinal cord to be dislodged at the same level and leading to permanent and life long paralysis. The radiologist reviewing the MRI reviewed the April, 2008 Chest x-ray and noted a large and obvious tumor in the T-10 vertebrae that was missed by the original radiologist. The tumor took up over 50 percent of the vertebrae and could have been reduced through radiation if detected in April 2008. Hoover Law, PLLC along with co-counsel elicited testimony at trial that demonstrated the gross negligence of the original radiologist and the severe economic impact the paralysis had on the family of the Hoover Law, PLLC client. The verdict is the largest verdict tendered by a Boyd County jury in the history of the county and will assist our client and his family with his medical needs and expenses for the rest of his life.


Confidential Settlement of 1983 Civil Rights Case against Southern West Virginia town. Hoover' client was involved in a high speed pursuit with an police officer of a Southern West Virginia town. Upon the conclusion of the pursuit Hoover' client was assaulted at the scene and during booking. As a result of the battery Hoover' client received a fractured right hip and other serious injuries. Hoover' client was prevented from sufficient medical care for a period of 36 hours as he lay in the holding cell of the Southern West Virginia town. After extensive discovery Hoover was able to obtain the largest non-death 1983 Civil Rights case settlement in the history of West Virginia.

Personal Injury Litigation

$350,000.00 Pre-Litigation Settlement of Heavily Disputed ATV Accident. Hoover' clients were operating a nationally known ATV on the Hatfield McCoy ATV trial in McDowell County West Virginia when a negligently designed left front steering knuckle fractured causing the Hoover' client to lose control of the ATV and careen down an embankment before colliding with a tree. Hoover' clients suffered broken ribs, a collapsed lung, and various soft tissue injuries as a result of the collision and had to be life flighted from the accident scene. The ATV manufacturer denied liability, claimed the collision to be the Plaintiff's fault, and disputed the extent of the damages. Despite numerous motions by the ATV manufacturer seeking dismissal of the case and after Mr. Hoover successfully challenged the ATV manufacturer's expert witness's credibility during his discovery deposition, Hoover obtained a pre-trial settlement of $350,000.00.

$315,000.00 Pre-Litigation Settlement of Heavily Disputed Car Wreck Case. Hoover' clients, a mother and her four children, were badly injured in a collision when the driver of the other vehicle negligently entered the right of way in an intersection. The other driver denied liability and claimed that the Hoover' client was negligent in her operation of her car. After Mr. Hoover successfully challenged the other driver's credibility and recall of the accident details during his discovery deposition, Hoover obtained a pre-trial settlement of $315,000.00.

Numerous settlements over $50,000.00 involving:

  1. Slip and fall cases
  2. Back (lumbar) and neck (cervical) injury
  3. "Soft tissue" injuries