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June 2012 Archives

West Virginia law banning texting while driving in effect July 1

Texting while driving has been the cause of many serious car accidents in recent years and is currently a secondary offense in West Virginia. This means that individuals cannot be cited for texting unless they are pulled over for another offense first. A new bill was signed into law in April that will make texting a primary offense. This means that individuals caught texting while driving can be pulled over and cited for it.

Use a map to keep your GPS from leading you into an accident

Most West Virginia readers have likely experienced something similar to the following situation: You are driving to a destination using your GPS system as your guide. When you type in the address, the GPS sends you on a convoluted route that leads to a small dirt road that does not lead to your final destination. Not only is this type of experience frustrating, it can also be dangerous.

Lindsay Lohan in trouble again after recent car accident

If there is anyone who is the poster child for "things you should not do," it is Lindsay Lohan. The 25-year-old actress has been in and out of trouble with the law for years. Although her movie deals don't seem to be drying up, she can't act herself out of a paper bag in real life. Her latest car accident incident is a reminder to West Virginia readers that you can only get away with so much, even if you're Lindsay Lohan.

Doctor errors can lead to fetal distress and birth injury

Parents spend nine months preparing and waiting in anticipation for their baby to be born. When a medical professional makes a negligent decision that results in injury to the baby it can be extremely distressing, especially when injuries are permanent. Birth injury cases require the assistance of an experienced personal injury attorney who will watch out for your best interests.

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