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Tips for staying safe on a motorcycle this summer

Summertime is here and many West Virginia motorcyclists are hitting the open roads. Many people are drawn to the sense of freedom provided by biking, not to mention the money saved on gas and the sense of camaraderie that people have when biking with a group. Despite all of the advantages, everyone knows that motorcycle accidents can cause serious injury.

That's why organizations across the country are working to educate people on safe biking. According to authorities, riding a motorcycle safely begins with education. Riders are encouraged to take formal riding courses before heading out on their own.

One thing that riders can do to increase their level of safety is to wear the proper clothing. Nothing is more important than wearing a helmet. But riders would be wise to wear clothing including long pants, long sleeves and clothing made from tough materials like leather.

No matter how experienced you are and how well prepared you are the reality is that other drivers are the biggest threat when on a motorcycle. Many accidents are caused by people driving cars and trucks that don't see bikers. That's why it's important that you give yourself plenty of room between other drivers and do what you can to stay visible.

According to a spokesperson from AAA awareness is the key to staying safe. She says that, "You want to make sure that you are aware of your environment. You want to be scanning from side to side. You want to be looking for other motorists and other things that can be approaching you on the road or things that you might miss and you just want to keep your eyes open."

Source:, "Motorcycle Safety Reminders," July 17, 2012

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