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West Virginia car accident results in injuries

Car accidents can sometimes result in serious or unexpected harm to the victims.

A car accident in a neighboring West Virginia county recently required one person to be cut out of a vehicle. The car accident occurred at an intersection and resulted in injuries to the parties, although authorities reported that the injuries did not appear to be life-threatening. The cause of the accident has not been determined and the accident remains under investigation.

It is important that car accident victims understand that many car accident injuries, that do not result in a fatality, can be serious and require expensive care or present other damages. Serious brain, and other types of injuries, can result in significant medical expenses or other types of damages for which an injured party might wish to seek compensation. A negligent driver, and sometimes the driver's insurance company, may be required to compensate an injured party for harm that the negligent driver (or the insurer's insured) caused. Liability will be based on the negligence of the other party in causing the car collision.

Damages that an injured party might receive for injuries sustained in a car accident can include medical expenses, such as expenses for physical or cognitive therapy (in cases of a brain injury); ambulance charges; consultations with doctors or other health care professionals; medical treatment items such as crutches or heat pads; permanent disability; and some in-home services. Pain and suffering damages, such as physical and emotional distress, may also be available to the victim. This type of damages will be based on the type of injury the victim suffered, the seriousness of the pain endured and the prognosis following the accident (which may also include expected future pain associated with the injury). Pain and suffering damages for disfigurement or mental or emotional damages, such as for anxiety or stress, may be available to the victim. Victims may also be able to recover lost wages or compensation for diminished future earning capacity.

A car accident can leave an injured party with unexpected injuries and expenses and possibility wondering what to do. The legal system offers car accident victims many resources to help protect them.

Source:, "Person cut from car after accident on Harper Road," Douglas Fritz, April 24, 2013

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