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An alarming number of college students are texting and driving

Car accidents can be caused by a variety of negligent behaviors, including texting and driving, but injured victims should understand that legal recourse is available to them.

A West Virginia news organization recently reported on a study that found that, disturbingly, four out of five college students report sending or receiving text messages while driving. Other research has shown that the impact of texting while driving is not unlike the impact of drinking and driving and that texting while driving is able to slow a driver's reaction time to a slower level than the impact of alcohol on reaction times.

Researchers also found that men were more likely to text while driving; researchers found that men commonly believe they are better drivers so are at a reduced risk for harming themselves or others while texting and driving. Other research has shown that only 2.5 percent of people are actually able to perform multiple tasks at one time. Researchers reported that they discovered an attitude that texting and driving was a problem for "everyone but me." The researchers are hoping that the study will help governments effectively educate the public about the dangers of texting and driving and alter attitudes about texting and driving that lead to its continued occurrence.

Car accident liability can arise in different circumstances with a common theme that the driver that caused the harm acted carelessly, or negligently. Negligent drivers can include distracted drivers, drunk drivers and drivers who are texting and driving and cause a car accident. A negligent driver may be required to provide compensation to the victim if the victim brings a successful claim for damages against the negligent driver.

Those injured by another driver's carelessness may wish to explore legal options available to victims. A trained personal injury attorney is able to walk victims through the process and ensure that the needs of victims are met.

Source:, "4 of 5 college students text while driving," Oct. 28, 2013

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