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Study ranks West Virginia as state with highest ATV fatalities

ATV accidents can result in the loss of life, as well as in extensive injuries to surviving victims, for which legal recourse may be available.

A recent study ranked West Virginia as the state with the highest rate of fatal ATV accidents. In one West Virginia county, 18 ATV accidents were reported in 2013. Statistics show that 1,700 ATV riders died in ATV accidents from 2007 to 2011. According to federal government statistics, ninety percent of ATV-related deaths are of males 16-years of age and older. ATV accidents can often result in rollovers and as ATVs have increased in popularity over the past few decades, deaths of ATV riders and passengers have also increased.

ATV accidents can lead to serious injuries and death. Because of the danger of rollovers associated with ATV crashes and ATV ridership, serious injuries such as head injuries, brain injuries, spinal cord injuries and back injuries can all result from a recreational vehicle accident on an ATV. Unfortunately, death can also be the result of an ATV accident. Both drivers and passengers in ATV accidents can suffer injuries and death.

While those that have suffered injuries as the result of an ATV accident may have a claim for damages against a negligent party responsible for causing the accident, families of loved ones lost in an ATV accident may also have legal recourse for the harm suffered. When the negligence of another, including the possible negligence of the ATV driver, caused and ATV accident in which a victim was injured or killed, a personal injury or wrongful death claim for damages may be available to victims and family members of victims.

The harm associated with an ATV accident may be extensive. Because of this, a trained personal injury attorney can help victims, and surviving family members of victims, evaluate the damages suffered and the possibility of bringing a claim for compensation of damages.

Source:, "West Virginia Ranks Highest In Deaths By ATV," Kelsey Pape, Jan. 9, 2014

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