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July 2014 Archives

West Virginia man pursues wrongful death lawsuit

General Motors has been under fire recently for a number of recall and safety issues, some of which have led to accident fatalities and injuries. The tragic stories detail just how car accidents are not always the result of a distracted driver or negligent driver; sometimes, manufacturers of the car itself may be responsible.

ATV accident leaves two dead in West Virginia

In West Virginia, there is one outdoor pastime that many people enjoy: riding All-Terrain Vehicles. ATVs are quite popular within the state, not only for West Virginia residents who enjoy riding, but the state actually draws in riders from all over the country.

Truck driver fatigue cited as cause of crash

There is always a certain element of risk when drivers hit the road. But this is a risk that most West Virginians are willing to take because of the benefit and necessity of driving. That being said, no matter how much risk is assumed, drivers never expect to be involved in a car accident, much less a serious or fatal car accident. The reality is, however, that these accidents do happen and, especially when large, heavy trucks are involved, the results can be quite tragic.

Loose steel rods caused fatal motorcycle accident

There is always an inherent amount of risk when drivers take to the road. Some of this risk can be mitigated through careful or cautious driving, but the behavior and actions of other drivers remain outside the realm of control. And then there are always the unfortunate, unpredictable events that lead to accidents and catastrophic injuries.

Mother claims injury when doctors forced a C-section

According to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, the number of C-section deliveries has continued to rise since 1996. The increase in C-sections comes despite CDC warnings that this type of surgical birth can pose greater risks of birth injury as well as risks to the mother's health.

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