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September 2014 Archives

West Virginia truck accidents more complex than car accidents

West Virginia tractor-trailer trucks are huge vehicles capable of hauling heavy loads and even hazardous materials long miles. Cabell County, West Virginia, readers know how important trucks are for the state's economy. These vehicles are used by different local industries mainly for transporting various goods or products. Trucks have the potential to cause catastrophic damages in the hands of negligent truck drivers. Without proper rest or rational and safe driving habits, drivers and passengers of smaller vehicles are in peril when sharing the road with a truck.

We can help pursue justice for birth injuries

The birth of a child can be one of the most joyous events in a parent's life. During a pregnancy and birth, an enormous amount of trust is often placed in the hands of medical professionals. However, there are times when this trust can be shattered by instances in which a medical professional does not execute their duties in a correct manner and, as a result, a birth injury occurs.

Understanding the dangers associated with distracted driving

It is clear to drivers in West Virginia that there are numerous risks they may encounter on the roadway. These risks can be anything from weather to traffic to negligent drivers. When a driver fails to uphold the standard duty of care while operating a motor vehicle, they could cause a collision. There is a growing concern for distracted driving, and the rate of accidents involving distracted drivers continues to affect more and more victims.

Understanding the causes and liabilities of birth injuries

Individuals and families in West Virginia understand the importance of receiving quality medical care when they are ill or require a major surgery or procedure. Medical experts such as doctors, specialists and surgeons are held to a high standard of care. They have a duty to use the utmost care when treating a patient, and if they fail to uphold this duty serious injuries or even death could occur. When a baby is being delivered, some mothers seek the expertise of the doctor of their choice to help deliver their newborn. But, if doctor error or medical negligence occurs during this procedure, a birth injury could result.

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