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What are the common causes and signs of birth injuries?

An error during delivery can cause birth injuries. A baby who sustains an injury due to birth trauma may have to undergo various medical treatments so the baby can live normally. Some birth injuries leave a baby permanently damage, causing the child to be totally dependent on the baby's parents or require a lifetime of medical assistance. Many different types of birth injuries can occur and one common one is called facial nerve palsy.

Facial nerve palsy is a condition where a baby experiences uncontrollable muscle movement in the facial area. The condition is a result of nerve damage that could have happened before, during or after the baby's birth. In most cases, the cause of facial nerve palsy is unknown. But in some cases, the use of forceps leads to the condition. Epidural anesthesia, a labor long in duration, use of a medication to strengthen contractions and high birth weight are also contributing factors to facial nerve palsy.

A parent can determine if a baby has facial nerve palsy by looking at the baby's eyelids. If the baby cannot close one or the other eyelid, the baby may have sustained such injury. If a baby's lower face looks uneven and if there is no movement on certain parts of the baby's face, then facial nerve palsy may be the reason.

Sometimes this condition improves after a few months. In some cases, the baby has to be monitored to determine if some other condition is causing the facial movements. Parents should seek medical attention if they see something wrong with their baby after a delivery.

If you have a baby with a birth injury, you may consider filing a legal claim against the responsible parties. Before filing the claim, a case may be evaluated by a knowledgeable legal professional who can determine if the claim has basis.

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