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November 2014 Archives

Holding medical professionals responsible for birth injuries

For the vast majority of parents, the birth of a baby is a highly anticipated event that offers the prospect of joy and years of happiness. However, delivering a baby comes with certain risks. Advanced medical technology and highly trained health-care professionals are able to reduce these risks to a minimum in order to ensure safe delivery. The birth process itself, though, is complex, and a single wrong move can result in a brain injury, forceps injury, fracture, paralysis or any one of a dozen more injuries. Some of these injuries may be temporary, but some will be permanent.

Motorcycle accidents are often caused by other motorists

Many West Virginia residents enjoy riding motorcycles, sometimes instead of cars and sometimes just for fun and recreation. Operating a motorcycle can be a lot cheaper than most other motor vehicles, and it can bring a unique sense of freedom to the average rider. Unfortunately, there is a downside to riding a motorcycle: It is far more dangerous than driving a car or pickup truck. In too many motorcycle collisions, riders suffer catastrophic and sometimes life-threatening injuries, or are killed outright.

Fatal ATV accidents on the rise according to insurance group

In West Virginia, some popular recreation spots are most easily accessed by recreational all-terrain vehicles. ATV enthusiasts enjoy the sense of freedom their vehicles bring them. Designed primarily for off-road use, however, ATVs do not travel well on paved surfaces such as streets and highways. Some models are especially prone to rolling over. West Virginia is one of several largely rural states with high rates of these ATV accidents, and the state leads the nation in the number of deaths per 10 million people with 105. However, the number of ATV accidents in urban areas is also of concern in larger cities across the nation, which have seen many fatal accidents during the summer months.

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