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December 2014 Archives

We take care of everything when it comes to birth injury cases

The birth of a child is a precious moment for parents and family members. During the delivery, parents put their trusts in healthcare providers such as ob-gyn and nurses to ensure safe delivery. These healthcare professionals are expected to exercise due caution to ensure the safety of the baby. However, not all deliveries go smoothly. There have been many cases of delivery errors that led to birth injuries such as cerebral palsy, Erb's palsy, shoulder dystorcia, facial paralysis, fractures and brain injuries. Some of these injuries heal over time while others leave permanent damage to the baby.

Latest motorcycle accident data

In Cabell, West Virginia, more and more residents are riding motorcycles. Motorcycles are an excellent choice, not only for joyriding, but also for people who want to save gas costs during commutes. However, riding motorcycles come with a price -- motorcyclists are especially prone to fatal injuries following an accident. Motorcycles are less stable than cars. Riders must exercise due caution whenever they operate their two-wheeled vehicles. Riders may be interested to learn more about the nation's latest motorcycle collision statistics.

What are the common causes of truck accidents?

Trucks are huge commercial vehicles and only professional drivers are allowed to operate them. Accidents involving trucks are relatively few when compared to car accidents. However, truck accidents often cause more catastrophic results than car accidents. Due to the devastating effects of truck accidents, federal regulations were designed to curb such accidents and ensure the safety of motorists. Cabell County, West Virginia, readers may be interested to learn more about truck accidents especially the common causes of such mishaps.

ATV accidents are tough cases that must be handled properly

In West Virginia, many people ride ATVs for recreational purposes due to the rural landscape. As a result of this popularity, many cases of ATV accidents have occurred in the state, particularly in Cabell, West Virginia. Some accidents are caused by another ATV rider or due to faulty parts installed in the ATVs which may increase the likelihood of the vehicle rolling over or resulting in difficulty for the rider to operate the vehicle with defective parts. When someone is injured in an ATV accident, such as a rollover, that person may be entitled to damages.

Man files claim seeking compensation against tow truck driver

West Virginia is like most states in that car accidents occur on a daily basis. There are many reasons why these accidents occur, but one of the biggest reasons is driver negligence. Although the law requires all drivers to exercise due caution whenever they operate their vehicles, not all drivers are responsible. Unfortunately, when they disregard the safety of other people, the results are often catastrophic. Car accidents can cause serious injuries as well as kill people.

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