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January 2015 Archives

What are the common types of motorcycle accidents?

Motorcycle accidents are known for causing catastrophic injuries among motorcyclists, whether in Cabell, West Virginia or elsewhere. This winter, motorcyclists should take the opportunity to learn more about motorcycle accidents including common types of motorcycle-related crashes and ways to avoid them.

NHTSA data shows truck accidents on the rise

West Virginians see plenty of trucks on the state's roads and highways. They also occasionally see truck accidents involving 18-wheelers, tractor-trailers and delivery trucks weighing more than 10,000 pounds. Because these large vehicles can create so much damage and death, they have been the subject of nationwide data collection and study for decades.

Do helmets prevent injuries in West Virginia ATV accidents?

All-terrain vehicles are popular in West Virginia, mainly for recreational purposes. Tourists flock to the state to operate an ATV while locals use these vehicles for daily transportation. With the increased use of ATVs, it is not surprising that these vehicles are often involved in crashes or collisions. It is important to understand that ATVs and other recreational vehicles are not entirely stable. Operating such vehicles require skill and proper training to ensure safety. It is also important to wear protective gear in order to avoid serious injuries and accidents.

Cellphone-related car accidents are common in United States

Car collisions are an epidemic that continues to cause injuries and cost lives in the United States. Because car accidents are one of the leading causes of personal injury claims in the country, researchers spend a lot of time and effort studying them. Researchers determine the main causes of car accidents and find ways to curb them. Drivers should learn more about the common causes of car accidents so they can make sound decisions and protect themselves from harm.

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