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Cellphone-related car accidents are common in United States

Car collisions are an epidemic that continues to cause injuries and cost lives in the United States. Because car accidents are one of the leading causes of personal injury claims in the country, researchers spend a lot of time and effort studying them. Researchers determine the main causes of car accidents and find ways to curb them. Drivers should learn more about the common causes of car accidents so they can make sound decisions and protect themselves from harm.

Nowadays, people are inclined to using their cellphones posting statuses on social media sites or connecting to their friends and loved ones. In this age of multi-tasking, people find it difficult not to hold their phones while driving. This dangerous behavior falls in the distracted driving category, of the leading causes of car accidents. According to the National Safety Council's annual report for 2014, cell phone use has been accounted for 26 percent of car accidents in the country. Using either hands-free or handheld cellphones are dangerous. People who send text messages while operating their vehicles exhibit poor driving performance, causing them to react slower compared to drivers who are not distracted while driving.

Using hands-free cellphones for calls is not always safe either. The study shows that people who are talking to their cellphones while driving are often distracted. This dangerous behavior sometimes takes the driver's attention away from driving, which can lead to car accidents. Cellphone-related crashes are often underreported as many drivers who have been involved in collisions often deny that they were using their cellphones before the collision occurred.

Distracted driving is a form of negligence. Drivers who use their cellphones while driving can be held accountable if they caused a collision that resulted in injuries and fatalities. Injured parties may be compensated for their injuries through personal injury claims.

Source: National Safety Council, "2014 Injury Facts," Accessed on Jan. 8, 2015

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