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March 2015 Archives

State Supreme Court backs lower courts in truck accident case

When someone is injured in a motor vehicle accident in West Virginia, the person has the right to take legal action against any party held negligent for the accident. The same goes for surviving family members of anyone killed in an accident. Unfortunately, the guarantee that a civil case can be filed does not necessarily mean a plaintiff will always be successful. When evidence is no longer available, a plaintiff will have an uphill legal battle.

Recreational vehicle accidents: wider RVs not always better

Two centuries ago, westward travelers passing through what was then part of West Virginia on their way to Ohio likely used wagons of some sort pulled by oxen or maybe horses. Everything these travelers owned was piled on board and could be easily accessed at days end or if weather suddenly called a halt to progress. Nowadays, the modern traveler through West Virginia has something similar in the recreational vehicle with the exotic name suggesting a vision quest or mountain breeze. Even better, the wanderer has on-board amenities that a long-ago ancestor could scarcely imagine. But, like the pioneer of old, one thing is still certain: a recreational vehicle accident could be waiting just around the bend.

Truck driver alleges employer caused 2013 accident injuries

Mining and trucking are two of the most dangerous occupations in the country, including West Virginia. Workers in both industries face routine hazards that can lead to serious injuries. Most workers learn to live with and accept certain risks because they have families to support, but none of them expect their employers to cause their injuries through negligence.

Related vehicle crashes on Route 50 near Morgantown injure two

Paying attention to the road is always important, but recent winter storms in the eastern half of the country, including those that have blanketed West Virginia with heavy snows, have created road conditions that should make even the most experienced drivers pay extra attention and watch out for accident hazards. Failure to exercise due caution under such conditions is likely to result in a car accident.

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