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April 2015 Archives

Wrong-way driver causes serious car accident

Motor vehicle accidents occur all the time, but some of the worst accidents occur late at night when visibility is reduced and drivers are tired or may have been drinking or using drugs. Speeding is also a common factor -- one particularly common to younger drivers -- and is likely to increase the chances of an accident.

Brachial plexus injury can cause long-term suffering in kids

This West Virginia personal injury law blog has previously discussed some of the complications that can occur when errors during labor and delivery leave children with birth-related injuries. Cerebral palsy is one serious condition that can impact a child's development, communication skills and other aspects of life from a very early age.

Passenger on motorcycle injured in rural accident with SUV

As any West Virginian who has ridden on a motorcycle knows, the thrill of the open road is often tempered by the knowledge that an accident with another motor vehicle may be just around the next corner. For a motorcyclist, this is generally a losing proposition. For this reason, motorcyclists should always observe speed limits and pay close attention to other vehicles and weather and road conditions. In addition, everyone on a motorcycle should wear a helmet that meets federal standards and clothing that offers some protection in the event of a motorcycle accident.

Motorcyclist dies when driver pulls out of driveway and onto road

Although riding a motorcycle on an open road has its charms for many riders, this has to be tempered by the knowledge that a slow-moving truck, school bus, tractor or car may be just around the next curve in the road. For this reason, motorcyclists should be extra cautious when traveling at higher speeds, especially at night. No rider knows for sure if another driver will see a bike in time to avoid hitting it.

What constitutes driving under the influence in West Virginia?

By applying for a driver's license, passing a driving test and accepting the terms that comes with that privilege, every West Virginian is agreeing to avoid operating a motor vehicle while under the influence of alcohol.

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