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Brachial plexus injury can cause long-term suffering in kids

This West Virginia personal injury law blog has previously discussed some of the complications that can occur when errors during labor and delivery leave children with birth-related injuries. Cerebral palsy is one serious condition that can impact a child's development, communication skills and other aspects of life from a very early age.

Another complication that child can suffer from doctor negligence during his birth is a brachial plexus injury. A brachial plexus injury occurs when a child's nerves are damaged during delivery, often from the use of unnecessary force on the part of the doctor, nurse or other medical professional.

According to the website, a brachial plexus injury can leave a child with lost nerve sensation, growth potential and movement functionality. Surgery and grafts can alleviate some of these issues but the results of such procedures can never be guaranteed. Shoulder dystocia at the time of birth can linger with a child through the child's entire life and cause a great deal of pain and suffering.

Further, children who suffer brachial plexus injuries during their births can sustain long-term harm to their strength and endurance. A child's muscles may atrophy if they cannot be moved due to nerve damage, and the child's bones may not grow or may inadequately grow due to the damage the person sustained at birth. These serious medical problems can result in a child suffering from scoliosis or even osteoarthritis at a young age.

This post only touches on a handful of the medical problems a child may suffer long-term if the child is the victim of shoulder dystocia or brachial plexus injury during birth. The costs associated with caring for a child with such medical problems can be extreme.

In instances where medical practitioners made mistakes during the birth process, compensation may be available to victims who suffer the consequences of those doctors' negligence and malfeasance.

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