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Check out these 3 facts about motorcycle crashes

There isn't a lot of data on why exactly motorcyclists get into accidents, but one thing is clear: It's not always their fault. Motorcyclists like yourself might be new to new to riding, and you're young, so you assume that many of the crashes that take place are the fault of the rider. Unfortunately, many crashes are actually caused by other drivers who simply aren't looking for motorcyclists on the roads.

Virginia Tech studied 100 riders for a total of 366,667 miles to find out why and where people are likely to crash, and here are some of the results.

Crashes are most common at intersections

This might seem like common knowledge, but the fact is that driving behaviors near intersections or in intersections make people more prone to accidents. Intersections that have no traffic controls are 41 times more dangerous than not having an intersection at all. Even intersections with signals are three times more dangerous than not having one. Why is this so dangerous? Turning vehicles crossing each other's paths create the perfect storm for a collision.

Hitting drivers from behind is a common cause of collisions

The study found that most of the collisions occurred because riders struck a vehicle from behind. This can be attributed to aggressive riding and inattention, so pay attention to the road and slow down to reduce your risk of a collision.

Left-handed turns are extremely dangerous

A common cause of accidents caused by other drivers is the left-hand turn. For example, a driver pulling out onto a single road by making a left-hand turn must cross the path of oncoming traffic. If the oncoming motorcyclist isn't seen, that leads to a serious head-on collision for the rider.

These are just a few facts about motorcycle crashes and what causes them. If you're injured in a collision caused by another driver, you have legal rights and can m ake a claim for compensation.

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