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What to do after an accident caused by a commercial truck

You're a careful driver. You carry insurance. You maintain your vehicle. You obey traffic signs, signals and laws. Unfortunately, you are not the only vehicle on the road. Many times, someone else causes the accidents we experience on the roads.

When that other person was operating a commercial truck, such as a semitruck or an eighteen-wheeler, the potential for serious injuries, even death, increases. As the person in the smaller vehicle, you are several times more likely to die or suffer serious injuries than the truck driver who caused the accident.

If you or a loved one has recently experienced a serious accident involving a commercial truck and you believe the truck was at fault, you should speak with an experienced personal injury attorney as soon as possible.

Distractions and fatigue can cause deadly mistakes

Truck drivers often work long hours, driving across many states in a single day. This can lead to a serious risk of driving fatigue. Being tired while driving can increase the risk of an accident or mistake on the roads. Given that truck drivers are often incentivized to reach a destination at a certain time, they may have chosen to bend or even break federal laws that require specific amounts of rest while driving commercially. Some drivers may go so far as to falsify their reports as to the hours they were driving and the hours they were resting. It can be hard to prove this kind of issue without an attorney.

Distractions are also a real risk for truck drivers. They spend so much time closed up in a small space, it's only natural to seek out something interesting to focus on. From a lady with a low-cut top in a nearby vehicle to their cellphone, distractions for truck drivers can come in a lot of different forms. All it takes is forgetting to check a side mirror once to cause a serious accident or even a fatality. While everyone makes mistakes, you and your family shouldn't have to suffer due to someone else's professional negligence.

An attorney can help after a truck accident

Ideally, you will have had the time and presence of mind to document you accident with your cellphone, if possible. Video or photos of the scene before police arrive can help substantiate your version of events. If the trucker's employer or insurance company approaches you with a settlement offer, you absolutely need to consult with an experienced personal injury attorney. He or she will know what settlement amounts are appropriate for the situation and can help negotiate on your behalf if what is offered is subpar.

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