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6 causes of 18-wheeler crashes

Semitruck crashes often lead to personal injury lawsuits. The cause of the accident is a primary consideration when you launch one of these cases. You can determine the cause, at least in many cases, by looking at the circumstances of the accident. Consider these six causes of semitruck crashes when you are working to determine the cause of your accident.

#1: Trucker distraction

Trucker distraction is a huge factor in many semitruck crashes. Distractions in the cab of a big rig abound. The radio, communication devices and eating are some possible distractions. Texting, talking on the phone and checking social media are also huge culprits. Federal regulations prohibit truckers from texting and using smartphones when they are driving.

#2: Trucker fatigue

Trucker fatigue is another big issue that can cause big rig crashes. This might be because of lack of sleep, trucking company policies that require truckers to make too tight deliveries, medical conditions or driving conditions. Federal regulations dictate that truckers who are carrying cargo can only drive 11 hours per shift and those carrying passengers can only drive 10 hours per shift.

#3: Improperly secured loads

Securement of loads is critical to keep truckers, the cargo and others on the road safe. Loads can shift, which can lead to crashes. Even if a trucker doesn't load the truck, he or she should still be sure to check the load at each stop.

#4: Negligent operation

Truckers must drive safely. When they don't, accidents can occur. This includes complying with speed limits, driving with the current conditions in mind and following all applicable traffic laws. In some cases, traffic citations and other information from the crash can help you determine the cause of the crash.

#5: Defective components

Components of the semitruck must work properly or a crash might occur. The brakes are one crucial components of the big rig. Without brakes that work properly, the truck can't stop. In some cases, other components might fail. Defective component claims might mean that you name the semitruck manufacturer, mechanics or component manufacturer.

#6: Trucking company policies

Trucking company policies can sometimes cause truckers to drive in an unsafe manner in an attempt to make delivery times. Some trucking companies might push truckers to drive while they are too tired or not able to devote their full attention to the road. In these cases, you might be able to hold the trucking company accountable for the damages and your injuries.

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