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Following a few motorcycle safety tips can save your life

From the first time you ever sat on a bike, you knew that you faced a completely different set of dangers on the road than people in cars. You are more exposed since you are not encased in a protective metal shell, like those behind the wheel.

In addition, you are hard for drivers to see. It is easy to disappear in blind spots and get by drivers that never knew you were there. Bad weather poses an even greater risk to you than those in vehicles.

Due to the increased risk, you know that you have to be extra vigilant every time you get on the road. However, no matter how many precautions you take or safety courses you attend, you cannot always control what other people are doing. If you have been injured due to a driver's negligence, you may be able to recover damages to your bike and compensation for your injuries. A local West Virginia personal injury attorney can review your case and advise you on the best course of action. Here are some tips to stay safe while on your bike.

Use defensive driving techniques

Be aware of your surroundings at all times. Furthermore, always expect the worst. For the most part, drivers are not going to see you. They are focused on looking for other cars and trucks. Never assume drivers will yield to you. Anticipate problems by giving yourself enough space to slow down or take other appropriate actions to avoid an accident.

Hone your braking and cornering skills

Keep in mind that over half of all accidents occur in intersections. Being able to slow down and take corners safely could mean the difference between avoiding a collision and laying the bike down. A safety course in advanced riding is a good way to practice your braking and cornering in a controlled environment.

Choose the right bike

A larger motorcycle does not necessarily mean it is safer. The bigger the bike, the heavier it is. If it falls over, you are the one that is going to have to pick it up. Choose a motorcycle that fits you and that you can safely handle.

There are limits

While your motorcycle is your key to freedom, keep in mind that it is a piece of machinery that has limits. Take the time to become familiar with the owner's manual and get comfortable knowing how it operates and handles.

Be considerate

Riding a motorcycle makes it very tempting to slide through traffic by riding on the shoulders or weaving in and out of the stopped cars. This kind of behavior can cause road rage incidents with people behind the wheel. Be considerate while on the road and follow the same traffic laws and rules other motorists do.

If you or a loved one has been involved in a motorcycle accident due to a driver's negligence, it is important to understand your rights in West Virginia.

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