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How a cellphone can help after a serious car accident

Many people are aware of the dangers cellphones can create in vehicle. People talk on their phone and become distracted. In cases of surfing the web, looking at social media or texting, they may be staring at their phone instead of the road. The National Safety Council believes that cellphone use while driving is actually under-reported and poses a more serious risk than law enforcement or the government actually realize. Some estimates indicate that as many of half of all fatal crashes may involve the use of a cellphone. That doesn't mean a cellphone in the car is inherently an issue.

Of course, using a phone while driving can cause issues. However, having a cellphone in your car could help you. In many cases after a serious car accident, a cellphone can help you verify your version of the events leading up to and following the crash. Your cellphone could help you with insurance claims or even a lawsuit in the future, so it's better to safely carry it (unused) while you're driving than to leave it behind. You should always consult with an attorney before releasing any images or video to law enforcement or your insurance company.

How your cellphone can help in car crash scenarios

First and foremost, you can use your mobile phone to call law enforcement and emergency medical services. A few minutes can sometimes save a life if there is a fire or someone is bleeding severely. Your cellphone can also help you record the scene of the accident. You can take photos, which can be used as evidence if you later go to court or have issues with an insurance claim. Taking photographs that show the damage of your vehicle and position of both cars can help investigators see exactly what happened, particularly if the vehicles are moved immediately to help with the flow of traffic.

You can also use your cellphone to make a video or audio recording of yourself right after the accident. You can detail your injuries and the damages to your car. You should also carefully describe the events leading up to the accident. Especially if you suffered any kind of head trauma, you may struggle to remember the events clearly in the future. Making a recording of yourself describing the accident immediately after it happens can help you substantiate your version of events at a later time.

Legal help after a serious accident with injuries

Working with an experienced personal injury attorney can help you after a serious accident. Your attorney can advocate on your behalf to insurers, review settlements or even file a lawsuit. You shouldn't have to face the fallout of an accident caused by someone else on your own. Contact an attorney as soon as possible after you suffer injuries in a car accident. He or she can review your video and photos and help you determine what to do next.

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