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How an attorney can help you after a serious car accident

When you experience a serious car wreck, a lawyer is likely the last thing on your mind. You're busy assessing injuries you and your passengers sustained and trying to determine if you need to move your vehicle. You're probably calling for emergency responders, trying to ensure everyone gets the medical attention they need.

You may not think about an attorney until well after the accident, after everyone has received medical care and you're feeling calmer. When you do think about hiring an attorney, you may feel like you don't need one. However, that could be a mistake that costs you.

An attorney can ensure you're treated fairly by the other driver, law enforcement, insurance companies and even the courts. If the other person caused the crash, your attorney can help hold them accountable. If the other driver was under the influence of drugs or alcohol, that can be easily proved by law enforcement in most cases. If the driver who caused the crash was distracted, possibly by a cellphone, traffic cameras and digital records can help prove that as well. Your attorney can file a request for this critical evidence.

Your attorney can negotiate with insurance companies

Even if the police report makes it clear that the other driver is responsible for the accident, you may have to worry about how your insurance company will act. As the economy has strengthened over the last few years, insurance companies have seen their profit margins decrease. That makes insurance companies more likely to push back against clients with large claims. Your attorney can help ensure that you receive the coverage you've been paying for all these years. One of the ways a lawyer can help is by advocating on your behalf to the insurance companies involved in the claim.

If you are offered a settlement, the first offer could be inappropriately low. Insurance companies want to limit liability and financial loss, so many times they will offer a low settlement, knowing you just want to pay your medical and car repair bills. Your attorney can ensure any settlement you accept is fair, given your injuries. He or she can also protect you and guide you through the process of giving a statement to an insurance adjuster. These professionals could try to trick you into saying something that could limit your coverage. Your attorney can help ensure you don't end up without coverage.

Looking out for your best interests

Working with an experienced West Virginia personal injury attorney after an accident is critical to a positive outcome. This professional will ensure that you are treated fairly and help you file a civil lawsuit if necessary to recover your losses.

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