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Do your part to avoid truck accidents

Most of us know, somewhere in the back of our minds at least, that large trucks pose a very real threat to other drivers on the road. In a state such West Virginia, which features many mountain roads, that danger is even more pronounced.

Whether you've lived in West Virginia your whole life or are just passing through, it is very important to remain aware of the threat that large trucks pose to you when you drive, and how to minimize the risk of a collision with a large truck.

Be mindful of what a truck needs on the road

While many of us are simply annoyed when we have to share the road with large trucks, you can lessen the stress of sharing the road with large trucks by being more mindful of what it is like to drive one.

Large trucks accelerate and stop much more slowly than other vehicles, and have large blind spots where the drivers simply cannot see another vehicle. As a smaller vehicle, you can increase the safety of the roads as a whole by thinking about how a trucker can or cannot see your vehicle as you drive near him or her. The right-hand side of a large truck is a particularly large blind spot for a driver, so it is never wise (and usually illegal) to pass one on the right. If your car is driving in the blind spot for a large truck, you may not have time to react if something goes wrong, or if the truck suddenly changes lanes.

Similarly, it is never wise to brake in front of a large truck or pull in front of one and then decelerate. Even a very skillful truck driver cannot stop his or her truck very quickly without potentially jackknifing the trailer, or possibly rolling over.

Use common sense when sharing the road with trucks

Many accidents involving trucks happen because other drivers simply make foolish errors when they should have known better.

Trucks are great for transporting goods over long distances, and in many ways, they form the backbone of our day-to-day lives by bringing goods from all over the country or the world to our doorstep.

However, there are many things trucks are not good at, like stopping suddenly or making sharp turns. For some reason, many drivers seem to think that large truck drivers have some magical knowledge of the road around them. Some other drivers think that they are skillful enough drivers to weave around them when a truck is moving too slowly for their comfort.

This is the kind of thinking that causes accidents. If you tailgate a large truck and it stops suddenly, what do you think will happen? If you're very lucky, maybe your bumper will suffer some damage. If you are particularly unlucky, you may slam into the back of the truck and die in the collision.

Similarly, it is wise to give trucks plenty of room. Large trucks often need two lanes of space to make a turn, which can cause a lot of problems if drivers refuse to allow them that. Also, if you are behind a large truck on a hill, you should give them several feet of distance between you and their back guard. Large trucks are almost all manual transmission vehicles, so they may slide back some distance when they accelerate up a hill.

Of course, even if you take all the proper precautions when sharing the road with large trucks, you may suffer an injury in an accident. If so, be sure to get the help you need to pursue a fair, complete resolution to your accident.

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