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Some car accident injuries are not apparent at first

Here in the South, we famously pride ourselves on the strength of our community spirit and our hospitality. Sometimes, it may seem as though the most neighborly thing to do after a car accident is to check for injuries and then go separate ways if no one seems hurt.

While the intention behind this may be a good one, it does not account for the fact that many injuries one might sustain in a car accident to do not always make themselves apparent immediately.

Many injuries, even some that are very serious, may not leave any visible marks and may not cause pain until hours or days after the accident occurs.

These injuries are known as delayed onset injuries. If you believe that you may have a delayed onset injury, you should absolutely seek out professional medical care as soon as you can. In some cases, if you do have a delayed onset injury and decide to do nothing about it, you may end up with an even more severe injury.

Abdomen pain is deadly serious

While many kinds of delayed onset pain injuries can result from a car accident, very few of them pose any great threat to the life of the victim. Unfortunately, this is not the case for abdomen pain. Pain in your abdomen may indicate that you have internal bleeding or even damage to your organs, which can lead to very serious illness and even death.

If you feel pain in your abdomen after a car accident, it is crucial that you go seek out medical care today, if possible. Putting off proper medical treatment in this case could mean the difference between life and death.

Neck, head and shoulder pain

Several types of pain that afflict the neck and shoulders may wait for hours or days to express pain. Often, the injury is some sort of trauma to the muscles that make up the shoulder and neck musculature. Delayed onset soreness or even pain from a more serious injury is common.

Similarly, a blow to the head can cause a mild traumatic brain injury, which has many effects. These can range from ongoing headaches or seizures to changes in personality and language comprehension, among other things.

Spinal column and lower back pain

Many other kinds of pain can arise from damage to your spinal column. Usually, this happens because the nerves carried within the spinal column, which span out to every part of your body, may get pinched if the discs in your spinal column shift or suffer damage themselves. This can produce radiating or sharp pains throughout your limbs or lower back, or may produce tingling or numbness.

In all of these cases, it is wise to seek out professional medical care as soon as you can. Once you confirm that you're not in immediate danger, you can seek out the help you need to pursue proper compensation for you injuries.

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