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Calling an attorney to the scene of a truck accident

West Virginia's mountainous terrain and curving roadways often mean greater risk of car accidents. When you add a commercial truck to the mix, the situation can prove destructive.

If you or someone you love just experienced a car accident and don't know what to do, you must consider your next few actions carefully. The first priority is to determine if anyone in your vehicle suffered a serious physical injury. If so, you should prioritize getting professional medical care as soon as possible for the injured.

The first hour after a car accident is often the best time to assess the causes and contributing elects of any accident. Soon, the scene may get moved aside and cleaned up to clear the road, removing valuable evidence that may strengthen a claim.

Especially if the accident involves a large commercial truck, which may imply complicated liability issues, it is wise to call for an attorney to come to the scene of the accident to assess the situation. In the aftermath of your accident, you may not think to document some key piece of evidence, or may accidentally incriminate yourself through speaking carelessly. Professional legal counsel is an excellent way to protect your interests and rights while you focus on obtaining the medical care you need.

Don't wait to protect yourself

Just as you consider who is liable for your accident, the other parties are doing the same. Do not wait to use every tool at your disposal to protect yourself in these important minutes and hours while you remain at the scene. It may take time for police to respond, and tensions between parties may get out of hand easily.

You certainly don't want to incriminate yourself on account of southern polite conversation. In some cases, one party may claim that another party accepted liability for the accident simply because he or she apologized for the accident. It is frustrating and difficult to remain quiet and mindful of your words in the heat of the moment, and some legal guidance in this circumstance may save you headaches later on.

If you suffered an injury, you deserve the best medical care available and full compensation for the associated medical expenses, as well as other losses like lost income or permanent disability. The sooner an attorney begins representing you, the sooner he or she can take many of those concerns off of your shoulders, allowing you to focus more fully on your recovery.

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