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Sleepy driving creates huge risks to everyone on the road

When a person gets behind the wheel and chooses to drive after he or she drinks alcohol, this is clearly a dangerous choice for the driver and others on the road. Fortunately, virtually everyone in the country already understands that it is unwise to drink and drive, even though many people consciously choose to do so every day.

In some cases, drivers may even believe that they are below the legal limit, but misgauge their own sobriety. This is legally inadvisable, but these drivers at least consciously considered the risks at hand.

Sadly, very few drivers understand that all of the same risks of drinking and driving also apply to sleepy driving. Awareness of the dangers of sleepy driving is slowly rising over time, but far too many drivers still fail to acknowledge its very real dangers.

What can you do about sleepy driving?

One of the most important things you can do to address sleepy driving is to simply understand and accept that it is truly dangerous. Sleepiness is a state that every person learns to deal with in different ways over time, whereas individual experiences with alcohol vary enormously. Some individuals may rarely or never drink alcohol, but no one gets to the age where they first receive a driver's license without getting sleepy.

Sleepiness is a fundamental human experience, so much so that it is often invisible to us until we're already in danger. Be mindful to think ahead about driving while sleepy, just as you might think ahead about drinking and driving.

If you were to get off work and go have a number of beers and then proceed to drive, you are probably not making a wise decision, legally speaking. In the same way, if you get off work and know you are sleepy enough to compromise your driving, you need to address your sleepiness before you get behind the wheel.

There are many ways to do this. Consider asking yourself several questions to assess your needs and options.

  • Do I need to drive at all?
  • Is there a public transportation option that works for me?
  • Can I reasonably call a taxi or ride-sharing service?

If none of these options solve your sleepiness dilemma, you may consider more drastic measures, such as

  • Can I drink or eat a legal stimulant that will keep me alert enough to drive?
  • Can I find somewhere to rest for a bit until I can safely drive?

However you choose to address your sleepy driving, be sure to take the time to find a solution that meets your needs and keeps you and everyone else safe. If you do experience a car accident, don't hesitate to reach out to an experienced attorney to understand your options and keep your rights protected.

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