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February 2018 Archives

Should you seek vengeance for losing a loved one in a crash?

Fatal accidents leave a mark on the friends and family of the victim. Suffering this unexpected loss sparks a complicated set of emotions. They may feel sorrow for losing their loved one, joy for their life and memory as well as anger for the situation. These feelings can vary in amounts from person to person; everyone grieves in their own way.

Police need a legal reason to pull you over

In a dystopian America, police would be able to stop any citizen to conduct a search or dole out punishment for no reason. Luckily, the law prevents police from having too much power. For this reason, patrol officers can't pull over drivers without lawful justification except in the case of DUI checkpoints.

Are deaths from vehicle crashes handled in the criminal courts?

When a person dies and it is someone else's fault a West Virginia resident may immediately think that the matter will be handled exclusively by the criminal court system. This is because crimes, such as first and second degree murder, are in fact, criminal in nature and demonstrate that the responsible parties both intended to kill their victims and carried out their intended plans. However, deaths that arise from criminal conduct can also have civil consequences and result in civil losses, such as motor vehicle accident fatalities that rob individuals of their loved ones. This post will briefly elaborate on wrongful death claims that may be brought in the civil courts.

Pain and suffering damages in West Virginia

Some of the losses that residents sustain when they are involved in car accidents are quantifiable. A person can list the expenses they incurred from an ambulance ride, an emergency room visit, follow up appointments with their doctor, prescriptions for pain medications, wages they lost from not getting to work and costs associated with fixing their vehicle. They generally cannot put a value on the mental anguish or pain and suffering that they will experience as a result of being a car accident victim.

Talk to your new driver about these safety tips

If your teenager is about to drive down the roads of Barboursville for the first time, you are probably very worried about all the various dangers that new drivers face. Many good driving habits develop over time and with experience, but some people still make bad choices while behind the wheel.

Pedestrian dies after being struck by vehicle in crosswalk

West Virginia residents are always cautioned to cross streets in crosswalks and where crossing signals are available. This is because the signage provides pedestrians and drivers with information regarding the presence of each other on the roads. However, a pedestrian who was apparently following these rules still suffered fatal injuries when a negligent driver struck her while she was crossing the road.

What are field sobriety tests?

If a West Virginia law enforcement officer suspects that a driver is operating their vehicle while under the influence of alcohol, then they will stop that person and assess the driver's condition. There are a variety of tools that officers may employ to determine if a person is intoxicated and one of those tools is a spectrum of field sobriety tests. This post will discuss a few of the common roadside tests people may be asked to perform if they are suspected of drinking and driving.

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