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What are field sobriety tests?

If a West Virginia law enforcement officer suspects that a driver is operating their vehicle while under the influence of alcohol, then they will stop that person and assess the driver's condition. There are a variety of tools that officers may employ to determine if a person is intoxicated and one of those tools is a spectrum of field sobriety tests. This post will discuss a few of the common roadside tests people may be asked to perform if they are suspected of drinking and driving.

One of the tests that an officer may ask a driver to undertake is the one leg stand. It is a straightforward test that requires the driver to lift one of their feet off of the ground and balance. If the individual shows signs of imbalance or cannot complete the test then the officer may interpret that as a sign of intoxication.

Also, drivers may be asked to do the walk and turn test. This test involves a driver walking in a straight line, turning around, and walking back on the same path without losing their course. Like the one leg test, the walk and turn test is intended to test a driver's coordination and balance.

Finally, an officer may utilize the horizontal gaze nystagmus test. This test looks for shaking in a driver's eyes when they focus to their side vision. Nystagmus can be a sign of intoxication in a human being.

Any of the tests discussed in this post may be failed by a completely sober person if the conditions under which the tests were given are not appropriate. Therefore, individuals who are facing drunk driving charges and must overcome field sobriety test evidence can benefit from developing defense strategies with their DUI defense attorneys.

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