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Passenger on motorcycle injured in rural accident with SUV

As any West Virginian who has ridden on a motorcycle knows, the thrill of the open road is often tempered by the knowledge that an accident with another motor vehicle may be just around the next corner. For a motorcyclist, this is generally a losing proposition. For this reason, motorcyclists should always observe speed limits and pay close attention to other vehicles and weather and road conditions. In addition, everyone on a motorcycle should wear a helmet that meets federal standards and clothing that offers some protection in the event of a motorcycle accident.

Motorcyclist dies when driver pulls out of driveway and onto road

Although riding a motorcycle on an open road has its charms for many riders, this has to be tempered by the knowledge that a slow-moving truck, school bus, tractor or car may be just around the next curve in the road. For this reason, motorcyclists should be extra cautious when traveling at higher speeds, especially at night. No rider knows for sure if another driver will see a bike in time to avoid hitting it.

What are the common types of motorcycle accidents?

Motorcycle accidents are known for causing catastrophic injuries among motorcyclists, whether in Cabell, West Virginia or elsewhere. This winter, motorcyclists should take the opportunity to learn more about motorcycle accidents including common types of motorcycle-related crashes and ways to avoid them.

Latest motorcycle accident data

In Cabell, West Virginia, more and more residents are riding motorcycles. Motorcycles are an excellent choice, not only for joyriding, but also for people who want to save gas costs during commutes. However, riding motorcycles come with a price -- motorcyclists are especially prone to fatal injuries following an accident. Motorcycles are less stable than cars. Riders must exercise due caution whenever they operate their two-wheeled vehicles. Riders may be interested to learn more about the nation's latest motorcycle collision statistics.

Motorcycle accidents are often caused by other motorists

Many West Virginia residents enjoy riding motorcycles, sometimes instead of cars and sometimes just for fun and recreation. Operating a motorcycle can be a lot cheaper than most other motor vehicles, and it can bring a unique sense of freedom to the average rider. Unfortunately, there is a downside to riding a motorcycle: It is far more dangerous than driving a car or pickup truck. In too many motorcycle collisions, riders suffer catastrophic and sometimes life-threatening injuries, or are killed outright.

How to avoid catastrophic injuries in motorcycle accidents

Cabell County, West Virginia, riders know the dangers of riding a motorcycle, which is why they know that their protective gear could prevent catastrophic injuries in the event of a motorcycle accident. Seasoned, experienced and new riders should always keep in mind that the proper protective gear can save lives. Here are some of the most common types of protective gear that should be worn by motorcyclists.

Motorcyclist injured in crash with pickup truck in West Virginia

Whether it is for pure enjoyment or their main source of transportation, some residents in West Virginia will ride their motorcycles for the majority of the year. Drivers of other vehicles, which are often much larger in size, will frequently share the roadways with these small vehicles. Unfortunately, some drivers fail to take note of their presence. If they fail to check blind spots, do not signal a turn or lane change, travel too closely to the motorcyclist or are speeding, the driver could collide with the bike and cause a serious collision.

Motorcyclist stuck by SUV in West Virginia accident

Motorcyclists love to ride, but they put themselves at great risk out on the open road. Motorcycles are no match for other cars and SUVs, much less semi-trucks and tractor-trailers. While motorcyclists can take many safety precautions, there is no way to prevent other negligent or reckless drivers from causing an accident or injury.

Loose steel rods caused fatal motorcycle accident

There is always an inherent amount of risk when drivers take to the road. Some of this risk can be mitigated through careful or cautious driving, but the behavior and actions of other drivers remain outside the realm of control. And then there are always the unfortunate, unpredictable events that lead to accidents and catastrophic injuries.

Fatal motorcycle accident in Harrison County

Summer is here, as evidenced by the warmer temperatures and the last days of school. As the weather continues to improve, more and more West Virginia residents may dust off their motorcycles to hit the road. A favorite pastime, or even lifestyle, for many can be especially dangerous if there are negligent drivers on the road. Motorcyclists are especially susceptible to injury when involved in an accident.

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