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6 causes of 18-wheeler crashes

Semitruck crashes often lead to personal injury lawsuits. The cause of the accident is a primary consideration when you launch one of these cases. You can determine the cause, at least in many cases, by looking at the circumstances of the accident. Consider these six causes of semitruck crashes when you are working to determine the cause of your accident.

What to expect when you settle a truck accident claim

It finally happened. You were driving in the left lane next to a tractor-trailer. The trucker did not see you in his blind spot and changed lanes. He hit you and caused you to crash into the concrete median. Not only did you total your car, but the accident seriously injured you as well.

State Supreme Court backs lower courts in truck accident case

When someone is injured in a motor vehicle accident in West Virginia, the person has the right to take legal action against any party held negligent for the accident. The same goes for surviving family members of anyone killed in an accident. Unfortunately, the guarantee that a civil case can be filed does not necessarily mean a plaintiff will always be successful. When evidence is no longer available, a plaintiff will have an uphill legal battle.

Truck driver alleges employer caused 2013 accident injuries

Mining and trucking are two of the most dangerous occupations in the country, including West Virginia. Workers in both industries face routine hazards that can lead to serious injuries. Most workers learn to live with and accept certain risks because they have families to support, but none of them expect their employers to cause their injuries through negligence.

Who is liable when a truck spills hazardous material?

Recent train accidents in West Virginia have renewed debate over the safety of shipping hazardous goods on railways through the state. This is an important debate, but it shouldn't distract from the fact that other methods of moving flammable goods and dangerous chemicals aren't necessarily safe. Truck accidents are a very serious problem on the roadways of West Virginia and throughout the nation. These can cause not only injuries from a collision, but also injuries or other damages from spilled material.

NHTSA data shows truck accidents on the rise

West Virginians see plenty of trucks on the state's roads and highways. They also occasionally see truck accidents involving 18-wheelers, tractor-trailers and delivery trucks weighing more than 10,000 pounds. Because these large vehicles can create so much damage and death, they have been the subject of nationwide data collection and study for decades.

What are the common causes of truck accidents?

Trucks are huge commercial vehicles and only professional drivers are allowed to operate them. Accidents involving trucks are relatively few when compared to car accidents. However, truck accidents often cause more catastrophic results than car accidents. Due to the devastating effects of truck accidents, federal regulations were designed to curb such accidents and ensure the safety of motorists. Cabell County, West Virginia, readers may be interested to learn more about truck accidents especially the common causes of such mishaps.

Truck accident victim's recovery is our top priority

Large vehicles often travel at high speeds to meet their delivery deadlines. Although truck drivers have received extensive trainings, they can still cause a trucking accident with one small error. For example, failure to reduce speed while turning onto another direction can result in a truck accident. When a truck accident occurs, in Cabell, West Virginia or elsewhere throughout the U.S., the results are often catastrophic.

West Virginia truck accidents more complex than car accidents

West Virginia tractor-trailer trucks are huge vehicles capable of hauling heavy loads and even hazardous materials long miles. Cabell County, West Virginia, readers know how important trucks are for the state's economy. These vehicles are used by different local industries mainly for transporting various goods or products. Trucks have the potential to cause catastrophic damages in the hands of negligent truck drivers. Without proper rest or rational and safe driving habits, drivers and passengers of smaller vehicles are in peril when sharing the road with a truck.

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