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Talk to your new driver about these safety tips

If your teenager is about to drive down the roads of Barboursville for the first time, you are probably very worried about all the various dangers that new drivers face. Many good driving habits develop over time and with experience, but some people still make bad choices while behind the wheel.

Holding drunk drivers accountable for accidents they cause

You understand that there's a risk involved with getting behind the wheel of a motor vehicle, so you take steps to minimize that risk. You make sure your cellphone is out of your hands when you drive. You use a designated driver or a cab service if you've had too much to drink. You slow down when there's snow, ice or water on the road, and you try to be a safe and careful driver.

Sleepy driving creates huge risks to everyone on the road

When a person gets behind the wheel and chooses to drive after he or she drinks alcohol, this is clearly a dangerous choice for the driver and others on the road. Fortunately, virtually everyone in the country already understands that it is unwise to drink and drive, even though many people consciously choose to do so every day.

Do you know how to safely drive on steep mountain roads?

The "Mountain State" of West Virginia is both rugged and beautiful, but residents are often challenged by driving on winding, narrow roads that snake down the ridge. As winter weather is only weeks away in most parts of the Appalachians, it's a good time to review some tips for driving in mountainous regions.

In a multi-car pileup, who is at fault?

After a multi-car accident, it may seem impossible to sort out the mess and figure out who was at fault. Typically, when several cars are involved in a wreck, insurance companies will point the finger at the car in the rear. This is because drivers are supposed to maintain a safe distance behind the vehicle in front them. However, when a multi-vehicle crash occurs, it ca be a bit more difficult to determine which driver is responsible.

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