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Do helmets prevent injuries in West Virginia ATV accidents?

All-terrain vehicles are popular in West Virginia, mainly for recreational purposes. Tourists flock to the state to operate an ATV while locals use these vehicles for daily transportation. With the increased use of ATVs, it is not surprising that these vehicles are often involved in crashes or collisions. It is important to understand that ATVs and other recreational vehicles are not entirely stable. Operating such vehicles require skill and proper training to ensure safety. It is also important to wear protective gear in order to avoid serious injuries and accidents.

What are West Virginia's current statistics on ATV accidents?

As thrill seekers in West Virginia are probably aware, one of the most common recreational activities within the state is riding an all-terrain vehicle or ATV. Before you ride an ATV, you have to know the basic facts about ATVs, including the rules and regulations governing ATV use, ATV accident rates, and other important facts. By doing so, you will be able to decide if riding an ATV is worth a try.

Man flown to hospital in West Virginia following ATV accident

ATV accidents can be life-altering and injuries may be extensive which is why various resources exist to help families and victims of ATV accidents. Only about an hour east of the Cabell area, a man was recently flown to the hospital following an ATV accident. The rollover accident resulted in the man suffering a broken leg injury. He was flown by HealthNet to a hospital for treatment following the rollover ATV accident. Recreational vehicle accidents can commonly result in broken bones, head injuries, brain injuries, spinal cord injuries and back injuries.

West Virginia head-on car collision results in injuries

Car accident injuries can sometimes have a lasting impact which is why the legal process seeks to protect victims of car accidents.

ATV riders should heed safety tips and understand legal remedies

It is now the season for hunters to be out hunting in West Virginia. West Virginia University's Extension Service is encouraging hunters who use ATV vehicles to do so safely. Education and training is being offered in cooperation with the West Virginia Division of Motor Vehicles and the American Safety Institute. Approximately 40 West Virginians die each year in ATV-related accidents which, according to one expert, is a statistic that is slow to decline.

Teen suffers head injuries in ATV crash

Recreational vehicles enjoy a lot of popularity in West Virginia, but riders need to remember to make safe operation a priority. A man in a nearby state will likely receive jail time for causing a recreational vehicle accident that injured a 17-year old boy. The boy, who was the man's friend, was left with critical head injuries in the accident.

Serious injuries, including brain injuries, can result following a motorcycle accident.

A recent motorcycle accident claimed the life a West Virginia motorcyclist. The motorcycle accident also sent six others to the hospital. Authorities believe that a sports car traveling in the opposite direction of a group of seven motorcycles lost control, crossed the center line and crashed into four of them. Some of the motorcyclists went down attempting to avoid the initial crash and still others were able to escape without crashing. Authorities are continuing to investigate the crash and said that no charges have been filed at this time.

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