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Distracted driving laws in West Virginia

Unfortunately, distracted driving can result in serious accidents, injuries and harm to victims. Because of the dangerous nature of distracted driving and the risks it poses to victims, it is important to review distracted driving laws in West Virginia. Those laws may, for distracted drivers who violate them and cause an accident resulting in injuries or worse, be used as evidence of negligence.

What do I do if I am hit by a hit-and-run driver?

Being the victim of a hit and run driver can be upsetting and overwhelming and victims may wonder what to do. At the same time, receiving compensation for injuries and harm that results from a hit and run driver is important so victims should be aware of the legal resources available to them if they have been hit by a hit and run

Pain and suffering damages in West Virginia

Some of the losses that residents sustain when they are involved in car accidents are quantifiable. A person can list the expenses they incurred from an ambulance ride, an emergency room visit, follow up appointments with their doctor, prescriptions for pain medications, wages they lost from not getting to work and costs associated with fixing their vehicle. They generally cannot put a value on the mental anguish or pain and suffering that they will experience as a result of being a car accident victim.

Injuries from car accidents can be serious, life-threatening

Depending on the type of car accident that a victim experiences their injuries can vary greatly. Not all West Virginians who are involved in automobile collisions will suffer the same forms of harm, and for that reason, it is important that they all seek their own legal guidance on how best to pursue their accident-related damages. The remainder of this post will introduce some of the common types of injuries that victims sustain in vehicle crashes, but its contents offer no medical or legal advice.

WVDOT negligent driver causes serious injury

A negligent driver can strike anytime and anywhere. When unsuspecting motorists find themselves in a car accident as a result, they can be left with a serious injury including broken bones and neck or brain injury. Perhaps the scariest part of these incidents is that motorists cannot detect who is a negligent driver. A recently filed lawsuit shows how even those one would expect to drive carefully can in fact drive dangerously.

West Virginia ATV accident leads to serious injuries

Two people were sent to the hospital in West Virginia on Christmas following a collision between an ATV and a pickup truck. The automobile accident occurred when the pickup truck hit an ATV in front of a local elementary school. The driver of the ATV was ejected while the truck driver had to crawl out of the pickup after it rolled and caused other damage. The driver of the truck was airlifted to a hospital and the driver of the ATV was taken to the hospital by ambulance. The auto accident is currently being investigated.

Cabell County woman seeks damages in hit and run

Our West Virginia readers probably know that injured parties have several options when demonstrating that another driver caused those injuries. A Cabell County woman is suing a company after what she alleges was a hit and run by one of its employees, resulting in an injury. The woman is suing Trademark Exteriors, LLC, following the car accident in which she says she was injured. The employee has also been named individually as a defendant.

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