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Common causes of cerebral palsy

Birth injuries often get less attention than other types of medical errors due to inherent risks associated with the delivery process. Before the delivery, the mother is informed of complications that can put both her life and her child's life in danger. Health care professionals such as anesthesiologists, obstetricians, and nurses are present during delivery to ensure the safety of the baby. The medical professionals are expected to make critical decisions to prevent birth injuries, which can leave the baby with permanent damage.

Understanding the causes and liabilities of birth injuries

Individuals and families in West Virginia understand the importance of receiving quality medical care when they are ill or require a major surgery or procedure. Medical experts such as doctors, specialists and surgeons are held to a high standard of care. They have a duty to use the utmost care when treating a patient, and if they fail to uphold this duty serious injuries or even death could occur. When a baby is being delivered, some mothers seek the expertise of the doctor of their choice to help deliver their newborn. But, if doctor error or medical negligence occurs during this procedure, a birth injury could result.

Hit-and-run driver may have been talking on cell phone

No matter how much evidence is released on the dangers of texting and driving, it seems like some drivers in West Virginia will never heed that advice. Texting and driving, or other cellphone use while driving, creates a dangerous risk, not only to the driver's safety but to the safety of others on the road. Cellphones cause a distraction, and distracted driving leads to car accidents.

Wayne County four-car accident prompts lawsuit

Following a serious car accident, the most important thing is to make sure the victim is restored to health. Depending on the severity of the injuries, the healing process can take quite some time. This can mean extensive medical or hospital bills and missed time from work. With the large number of hospital bills following an accident, most people begin to wonder how they will ever get paid.

Doctors, hospitals sued after child born with cerebral palsy

Pregnancy can be an exciting time for expecting mothers in West Virginia. The thought of bringing a new life into the world can be moving, and often requires a lot of planning. In addition to organizing the home and developing a parenting strategy, many expecting mothers have a birthing plan. However, when the time comes to give birth, these mothers might grow anxious about their newborn child's safety, and for good reason.

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