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Motorcycle accidents are often caused by other motorists

Many West Virginia residents enjoy riding motorcycles, sometimes instead of cars and sometimes just for fun and recreation. Operating a motorcycle can be a lot cheaper than most other motor vehicles, and it can bring a unique sense of freedom to the average rider. Unfortunately, there is a downside to riding a motorcycle: It is far more dangerous than driving a car or pickup truck. In too many motorcycle collisions, riders suffer catastrophic and sometimes life-threatening injuries, or are killed outright.

Understanding the dangers associated with distracted driving

It is clear to drivers in West Virginia that there are numerous risks they may encounter on the roadway. These risks can be anything from weather to traffic to negligent drivers. When a driver fails to uphold the standard duty of care while operating a motor vehicle, they could cause a collision. There is a growing concern for distracted driving, and the rate of accidents involving distracted drivers continues to affect more and more victims.

West Virginia man pursues wrongful death lawsuit

General Motors has been under fire recently for a number of recall and safety issues, some of which have led to accident fatalities and injuries. The tragic stories detail just how car accidents are not always the result of a distracted driver or negligent driver; sometimes, manufacturers of the car itself may be responsible.

Hit-and-run driver may have been talking on cell phone

No matter how much evidence is released on the dangers of texting and driving, it seems like some drivers in West Virginia will never heed that advice. Texting and driving, or other cellphone use while driving, creates a dangerous risk, not only to the driver's safety but to the safety of others on the road. Cellphones cause a distraction, and distracted driving leads to car accidents.

Cabell area car accident sends three to the hospital

A recent Cabell area head-on collision sent three people to the hospital. Sissonville Drive at Guthrie Road had to be closed to clear the accident that involved a passenger vehicle and a SUV. A West Virginia Department of Agriculture SUV collided with the passenger vehicle when, police say, according to witnesses, the passenger vehicle crossed over the center line of the roadway. The driver of the SUV and two older women were transported to local hospitals following the accident.

An alarming number of college students are texting and driving

Car accidents can be caused by a variety of negligent behaviors, including texting and driving, but injured victims should understand that legal recourse is available to them.

Motorcycle accident claims life of motorcyclist

Motorcycle accident victims in West Virginia should understand that in circumstances when a driver negligently injures a rider, that driver may face liability to the rider for damages.

W. VA car accident leaves 4 injured and one facing charges

With everything that car accident victims face following an accident, financial stress related to the accident is not an additional concern victims should have to worry about. A recent West Virginia accident left four people in the hospital with a variety of injuries, some of them serious. The accident occurred when one of the vehicles involved ran a stop sign while turning left and was struck by a pickup truck. The passenger in the vehicle that made the illegal left-hand turn was ejected from the vehicle and is in critical condition. The driver and passenger in the pickup truck were also taken the hospital. The driver of the vehicle that ran the stop sign was to be taken to the hospital and is now facing charges. Police are investigating the accident but said charges against the driver making the illegal left turn are pending.

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