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Latest motorcycle accident data

In Cabell, West Virginia, more and more residents are riding motorcycles. Motorcycles are an excellent choice, not only for joyriding, but also for people who want to save gas costs during commutes. However, riding motorcycles come with a price -- motorcyclists are especially prone to fatal injuries following an accident. Motorcycles are less stable than cars. Riders must exercise due caution whenever they operate their two-wheeled vehicles. Riders may be interested to learn more about the nation's latest motorcycle collision statistics.

Motorcycle accidents are often caused by other motorists

Many West Virginia residents enjoy riding motorcycles, sometimes instead of cars and sometimes just for fun and recreation. Operating a motorcycle can be a lot cheaper than most other motor vehicles, and it can bring a unique sense of freedom to the average rider. Unfortunately, there is a downside to riding a motorcycle: It is far more dangerous than driving a car or pickup truck. In too many motorcycle collisions, riders suffer catastrophic and sometimes life-threatening injuries, or are killed outright.

Motorcyclist suffers injury in collision a few hours from Cabell

Just several hours east of the Cabell area, a recent motorcycle accident sent a motorcyclist to the hospital with injuries that were described as life-threatening. The 26-year-old motorcycle rider was taken to the hospital by helicopter. The motorcycle apparently collided with a vehicle that had pulled out in front of it. The accident is being investigated by police.

Motorcycle crash leaves one dead and one injured

With its scenic hillsides and winding roads, West Virginia is ideal for motorcycle travel. Unfortunately, motorcycle accidents can have especially devastating consequences, which is why the legal process seeks to protect victims and families from further harm.

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