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Truck driver alleges employer caused 2013 accident injuries

Mining and trucking are two of the most dangerous occupations in the country, including West Virginia. Workers in both industries face routine hazards that can lead to serious injuries. Most workers learn to live with and accept certain risks because they have families to support, but none of them expect their employers to cause their injuries through negligence.

NHTSA data shows truck accidents on the rise

West Virginians see plenty of trucks on the state's roads and highways. They also occasionally see truck accidents involving 18-wheelers, tractor-trailers and delivery trucks weighing more than 10,000 pounds. Because these large vehicles can create so much damage and death, they have been the subject of nationwide data collection and study for decades.

West Virginia truck accidents more complex than car accidents

West Virginia tractor-trailer trucks are huge vehicles capable of hauling heavy loads and even hazardous materials long miles. Cabell County, West Virginia, readers know how important trucks are for the state's economy. These vehicles are used by different local industries mainly for transporting various goods or products. Trucks have the potential to cause catastrophic damages in the hands of negligent truck drivers. Without proper rest or rational and safe driving habits, drivers and passengers of smaller vehicles are in peril when sharing the road with a truck.

Truck driver fatigue cited as cause of crash

There is always a certain element of risk when drivers hit the road. But this is a risk that most West Virginians are willing to take because of the benefit and necessity of driving. That being said, no matter how much risk is assumed, drivers never expect to be involved in a car accident, much less a serious or fatal car accident. The reality is, however, that these accidents do happen and, especially when large, heavy trucks are involved, the results can be quite tragic.

Collision leads many to question trucking regulations

Not too long ago, actor and comedian Tracy Morgan was involved in a very serious accident. West Virginia residents likely heard about the fatal truck accident on the news. Morgan was critically injured, along with others who suffered serious injuries, and one person was killed. According to authorities, a Wal-Mart truck driver caused the accident and authorities charged him criminally in connection with the incident

Cabell-area truck accident results in lawsuit brought by family

A truck company is facing a lawsuit after a Cabell-area truck accident resulted in injuries. A husband, wife and their child have brought the lawsuit, claiming that the trucking company employee caused the accident. The family asserts that it was travelling south and approaching an intersection when the truck driver failed to stop and struck the vehicle the family was in. The employee was operating a log truck for the trucking company and the time of the accident and, it appears, failed to apply the brakes on the truck at the intersection.

W. VA Christmas Eve truck accident results in death and injuries

Victims of truck accidents often have legal recourse options available to them when harmed in a truck accident.

West Virginia truck accident sends several to hospital

Less than two hours away in West Virginia, a recent collision with a coal truck left several people injured. At least two people were injured, although the extent of the injuries was not immediately known, following the collision of a car and a coal truck. Ambulance and other emergency crews responded to the accident and transported victims to the hospital.

West Virginia coal truck accident sends woman to hospital

Coal trucks are common fixtures in West Virginia. A coal truck accident in a nearby West Virginia community recently left a woman injured. Police reported that the coal truck and a passenger vehicle crashed into each other; the accident occurred at night. Police also reported that it was unclear immediately following the accident who was at fault but that the woman had to be taken to a local hospital for her injuries.

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