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Posts tagged "truck accidents"

Truck driver errors cause deadly vehicle collisions

Drivers are often warned about operating their vehicles near and around large trucks and other commercial vehicles. They are told not to drive in the trucks' blind spots, where the truck drivers cannot see them and may inadvertently hit them if they must change lanes. Drivers are reminded not to cut off trucks as they need more space and time to stop and maneuver around unexpected obstructions in their road. There are many ways that West Virginia drivers may cause or contribute to collisions with large trucks, but truck drivers are often at fault for the crashes and collisions that leave their victims with serious personal injuries.

Distracted driving is a problem for truckers

No one likes seeing a distracted driver when they are out on West Virginia's highways. It can be terrifying to witness another driver speeding with their head down and eyes buried in the screen of their cellphone. The distracted driver is likely missing important safety and operational information that could improve their driving and help them avoid collisions.

Residents worry about toxic spill in West Virginia truck accident

A truck carrying potentially-hazardous chemicals recently overturned in a West Virginia creek recently. The tanker truck was hauling fluid for a drilling gas wells when the truck accident occurred, causing the roadway to be closed for hours to clean up. Although officials claimed no chemicals were released into the creek, local residents remained unconvinced.

U-turn leads to West Virginia tractor-trailer crash

As Cabell County readers may know, driver negligence can lead to accidents on the roadways. Accidents involving heavy trucks are typically more serious than the average vehicle accident. Recently, two trucks collided in a multi-vehicle accident with one of the trucks running another car off the road.

How do you determine liability in a commercial truck accident?

A string of truck accidents along the West Virginia turnpike has prompted authorities to increase safety measures on that roadway. State officials said that a new flashing light will be added to warn tractor-trailer drivers of a sharp curve between two of the exits. Some areas have also received improved pavement to provide better tire traction.

Semi truck crosses over line, leaving 1 West Virginia man dead

The inherently dangerous nature of semi truck accidents means that they often result in horrific injuries or death. Those who survive may be able to recover damages for medical expenses, pain and suffering and other harm from the truck driver or his or her employer.

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