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Posts tagged "negligent driver"

Motorcycle accident claims life of motorcyclist

Motorcycle accident victims in West Virginia should understand that in circumstances when a driver negligently injures a rider, that driver may face liability to the rider for damages.

West Virginia car accident kills 2, injures 1

A car accident can impact many lives in an instant, and can result in death, injuries and damages. A West Virginia community recently suffered the loss of two teenagers in a head-on car collision. An 18-year-old driving a pickup truck attempted to pass a car and struck another pickup truck driven by a 17-year-old boy head-on. The 16-year-old passenger in one of the trucks suffered serious injuries but is expected to survive.

West Virginia car accident leaves several injured

Victims of car accidents should remember that help is available to simplify the process of making a claim against a negligent driver who caused the victim's injuries.

Motorcycle crash leaves one dead and one injured

With its scenic hillsides and winding roads, West Virginia is ideal for motorcycle travel. Unfortunately, motorcycle accidents can have especially devastating consequences, which is why the legal process seeks to protect victims and families from further harm.

One teen killed and other teens injured in tragic W. VA. accident

Victims, and families of victims, have recourse through the legal system when serious injury or a loved one's death occurs in a car accident.

W. VA car accident leaves 4 injured and one facing charges

With everything that car accident victims face following an accident, financial stress related to the accident is not an additional concern victims should have to worry about. A recent West Virginia accident left four people in the hospital with a variety of injuries, some of them serious. The accident occurred when one of the vehicles involved ran a stop sign while turning left and was struck by a pickup truck. The passenger in the vehicle that made the illegal left-hand turn was ejected from the vehicle and is in critical condition. The driver and passenger in the pickup truck were also taken the hospital. The driver of the vehicle that ran the stop sign was to be taken to the hospital and is now facing charges. Police are investigating the accident but said charges against the driver making the illegal left turn are pending.

Cabell County head-on collision injures councilman

Car accidents can be painful both physically and emotionally and can result in serious injury. These injuries are further exacerbated as medical bills and other expenses mount.

Cabell County car accident results in one death & other injuries

Car accidents can result in tremendous tragedy which the legal process recognizes and may be able to help with during a difficult time.

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